A contemporary singer/songwriter from rural New Jersey, Gina Royale is a driven musician with passion. Starting piano lessons at a young age sparked her love for music. As she grew with her music, opportunities and performances began to arise. She draws inspiration from a wide variety of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Broods, P!nk, John Mayer, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles. With a voice so "bluesy, honest, arrestingly emotive", she is an experienced songwriter with much to offer (The Aquarian). Royale's passion for performing carries into the studio. Her first EP, "Heir" is a compilation of raw emotion, set to a driving beat. Her contemporary/pop style is a combination of clever lyrics, memorable melodies, and an earnest passion for songwriting.
"After writing my first song, I remember sitting at the piano and just soaking it in. The fact that I just put my thoughts and feelings into my own song was awesome. It was unreal."
Since then, Gina has come a long way. Her dozens of songs have contributed to: a full length album, two EPs, several magazine features, interviews, television appearances, and an abundance of support from family, friends, and fans. She has performed shows both solo and with her band at well-known venues such as The Bitter End, Pianos, The Duplex, The Stone Pony, The Stanhope House, and The Saint. Her ultimate goal is for her music to inspire people across the globe.
Gina's latest release, "Yellow" (released March 2019), is an edgy-pop combination with ingenious lyrics and melodies. "Yellow" hits listeners full force with unapologetic passion, which best showcases Royale as an artist and songwriter. This album delves into Gina's songwriting capabilities like never before. Her style is captivating and brave; "Yellow" is truly her best work to date. 
"I want my music to do for people what it does for me; music heals, and music inspires."

"Gina Royale's show and band were truly inspiring. The wisdom and complexity in her lyrics and the soul and maturity in her voice far surpasses her young age. She was charismatic, talented, endearing, and powerful on stage with a Taylor Swift meets Fiona Apple voice. She was humble and acknowledged her band and fans." (Goldstar Review)


 "Gina Royale has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. I have been to many many concerts and Gina's voice is beautiful! Everyone should go see her perform, she is amazing." (Goldstar Review)