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Gina Royale is an alternative-pop artist from New Jersey with a next-level passion for songwriting. Her edgy, direct lyrics, combined with her “bluesy, honest, arrestingly emotive” voice create a sound unique in its captivating rawness  (The Aquarian). Gina’s music has been shared and enjoyed globally; spanning over 60 countries. Her live shows are a mix of tender, intimate moments and high energy calls to action, with sarcasm and personal anecdotes in between. Gina Royale has played shows across the country, through festivals, tours, radio/TV interviews, and more. At each stop of her career, spanning 2 EPs, several singles, dozens of press publications, and 1 full length LP, Royale finds a way to captivate and connect with her growing fan base along the way. At 25 years old, she has so much to say. 


Gina's first full album release, "Yellow" (released March 2019), is an edgy-pop combination with ingenious lyrics and melodies. "Yellow" hits listeners full force with unapologetic passion, which best showcases Royale as an artist and songwriter. This album delves into Gina's songwriting capabilities like never before.


“Split Ends” dropped in summer, 2020 and expanded Gina’s audience, which helped propel her for, “Mr. Lennon,” which released last December.  With national airplay on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death and playlist support on Spotify, “Mr. Lennon” is Gina’s biggest song.


Gina’s new song, “Lemon Drop,” drops on Friday, January 29th.  Co-written with, and produced by Rob Freeman of Hidden In Plain View, “Lemon Drop” video was directed by David Zeck, who has worked with Post Malone, Taylor Swift, and many other well-known artists, and Shaun Mason of Vault X Visuals.  The song delves into the sweet and sour aspects of relationships.  Give it a listen 5 or 6 times and you’ll find that Gina Royale is an artist to watch for 2021.

On May 7, Gina Royale’s “Here’s To You” was released during Mental Health Awareness
Month. The track takes a deep dive into the condition of mental illness. Continuing a
conversation that Gina began with “low,” “Here’s To You” and its accompanying music video
reflect Gina’s own battles with eating disorders and anxiety. The meaning and message of the
song will hopefully provide comfort for many who are looking to improve their mental health.

Professor David Kirk Philp – Dadager Entertainment

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